How to generate CP8D Upload file without Payroll Software

A new version of CP8D file has been released for the year 2023. 2 new fields have been added for Employee status and Date of Retirement / End of Contract. Note that these are compulsory fields and employers have to add this information for all staff.

Note : This format has to be used to upload to LHDN website.

1. Employee Status will fall under one of the following 6 categories.

  1. Management of the organization
  2. Permanent
  3. Contract
  4. Part time
  5. Interns
  6. Others

“Management of the organization are referred to company directors, cooperative society’s board members, association’s controlling members and partners of limited liability partnership.”

2. Date of Retirement / End of Contract

This field is compulsory to be completed. Cannot leave it blank.

There are 3 types of dates used to fill this field.

  1. Retirement date according to the employment contract
    • Contract ended date according to the employment contract
  2. Terminated / quit / dismissed in the year of remuneration

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How to generate the CP8D File using Excel.

This is the text format of C.P.8D INFORMATION LAYOUT – Pin. 2023 to upload to the LHDN website. LHDN will only accept upload file in this format.

Ali bin Ahmad|03770324020|730510125580|3|2|15-12-2025|2|1|2000|50000|4200|12000|1300|445|2200|1400.30|3600|1700.20|2555.25|1822.63|2210|150

Those without payroll software can generate this text format using Excel. To get started, download this simple CP8D excel template.

CP8D Excel File
CP8D Excel File

Download this file to enter CP8D information.

Download the CP8D File specifications here : C.P.8D INFORMATION LAYOUT – Pin. 2023

Note the following

  1. Date format 15-12-2025.
  2. All values in red have zero decimals.
  3. Some fields like Zakat have 2 decimals.

You can check the format by right click and choose “Format Cells”. Once completed, save the file. If you Save as CSV first, you will lose the formatting. Note it is very important to get the format right or else it will be rejected on upload.

After saving, export to CSV using the “Save As” function.

Right Click on this file choose Edit.

Step 1

Delete the Headers.

Search replace all “,” (comma) with “|” (pipe)

Text will now be changed to

Now Save As “.txt” file using the formatted file name using your company E number.

File name Format

Employee’s particulars must be kept in the name using the following standard:
P : employee’s information
TTTT : year of remuneration
File with employees’ particulars are required to upload only through e-Data Praisi/e-CP8D using
the name: P2900030000_2023.txt

This file can be uploaded to the LHDN website.

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