Download Free Salary Calculator Malaysia with EPF/SOCSO/EIS/PCB Calculations

free salary calculatorDownload our free salary calculator software that includes PCB Schedule, EPF/SOCSO Calculator and EIS Calculator. This software uses the same salary calculation engine as our commercial Actpay payroll system. Verify your calculations using this free software before generating your monthly payroll. Save your regular calculations for faster payroll verification. Export to excel to do further calculations and reports.

Note : LHDN does not provide a PCB Schedule (TABLE OF MONTHLY TAX DEDUCTIONS) anymore. The SCHEDULE OF MONTHLY TAX DEDUCTIONS has been replaced by E-CP39 that provides the same results. E-CP39 tax is based on monthly income. Computerised and Online LHDN PCB Calculator are based on Year to Date income.

Actpay Free Salary Calculator Basic Functions and Features

  1. Enter and save staff information. Include IC, EPF and other details that can be exported to Excel. 
  2. Full salary calculations for basic Malaysian payroll requirements. 
  3. Software has been tested and verified Government Statutory Calculations for :
    1. EPF Calculator – Employees Provident Fund (KWSP)
    2. SOCSO Calculator  – Social Security Organisation (PERKESO)
    3. EIS Calculator – Employment Insurance System (SIP)
    4. PCB Calculator – Potongan Cukai Bulanan (MTD)
  4. Enter up to 3 Allowances with variation in EPF, SOCSO, EIS and PCB.
  5. Overtime and Benefit in Kind included.
  6. Automated Bonus PCB Calculations with correct EPF values. 
  7. Calculates Gross income and Net Pay. 
  8. Able to view Salary values used to calculate EPF, SOCSO, EIS and PCB. Amount used to calculate is often different from gross salary. 
  9. All Calculation details is saved in Excel file. 
  10. Software has no time or staff limit.

Download procedure

No user registration is required to use this salary calculator software. Just download zip file and unzip. No database drivers, no complicated installation. Just unzip and run. All data is stored in an Excel file. 

Actpay Salary Calculator Download Files

Actpay Free Salary Calculator
Actpay Free Salary Calculator

Download Actpay Free Salary Calculator

Version: 1.0
Free Salary Calculator Files
Free Salary Calculator Files

There are only 2 files. All the saved salary information is stored in actpayfree.xls. You can open this file to view the details. If you need to delete some of the staff information, you have to delete the rows in this file. In the software, you can add but cannot delete rows. 

If you need to do other calculations or reports, please make a copy of Acptayfree.xls and edit as needed. Try not to edit the ActpayFree.xls directly. Make copies of the file and make changes as needed.

How to use Actpay Salary Calculator

salary calculations 

This Free Salary Calculator is very easy to use. Just Click Edit and enter the information you want. If you just want to calculate for a single amount just enter the total in Basic Salary. This will calculate EPF, SOCSO, EIS and PCB for that amount.

For a blank screen, Click Add.

Add Employee

To Start Click Add to get an empty screen. Input basic staff information and Save. Staff information is optional and not needed for calculations. Enter staff information if you want to use the Excel file to do your payroll. 

Enter the values want and click “Calc Salary” to calculate.  Click “Save” to save the information to the Excel File.

edit button

All staff fields are optional, but staff number, name and IC are useful for reporting. IC and other information can be saved in the excel file to create your own payslips.

Marital Status, No. of Children and EPF rate will be set to default values if not entered. You can edit and change these parameters if required. 

Calculate Payslip

The values used for calculation are :

  1. Basic Pay
  2. Allowance 
  3. Bonus
  4. Overtime
  5. Benefit in Kind

Allowance Settings

3 Flexible Allowance fields are provided. 

allowance settings

Each Allowance has 8 options.

  1. EPF + SOCSO + PCB
  2. EPF + PCB
  3. EPF + SOCSO
  4. PCB + SOCSO
  5. NONE
  6. EPF (Only)
  7. SOCSO (Only)
  8. PCB (Only)

For example if you want to calculate PCB only, choose 8. Choose 3 for EPF. SOCSO Calculator. You can use different settings for different staff. The allowance amount and description will be saved in the Excel file. You can view the details using the Browse function. 

*Please note that if you choose SOCSO it will also include EIS.

Sample Payslip Calculation

Basic Salary5,000
Traveling Allowance500
Service Charge / Tips300

bonus calculation

Payslip Calculation Explanation.

EPF Calculations

Total Income subject to EPF = Basic + Bonus + Commission = 5,000+5,000+1,000 = 11,000

Traveling Allowance is not subject to EPF and SOCSO. Also no PCB for up to RM6000 per year.

SOCSO and EIS Calculations

Total Income subject to SOCSO and EIS = Basic + Commission + Service Charge / Tips = 5,000+1,000+300 = 6,300

Note that Bonus is not subject to SOCSO

PCB Calculations

Total Income (excluding Bonus) subject to PCB = Basic + Commission + Service Charge / Tips = 5,000+1,000+300-333.33 = 5,966.67

Note : Minus 333.33 is based on 4,000 PCB Exemption for EPF per year. Per month = 4,000 / 12 = 333.33

PCB for Bonus is calculated as Additional Remuneration using a different formula. You can find the Bonus PCB amount by calculating the same values without Bonus and calculate the difference.

Please note that PCB calculations are based on e-CP39 and not e-PCB

Browse Screen

browse screen

This screen allows you to view all the staff information you have saved. All this data is stored in an Excel File, “actpayfree.xls”

Note the Allowance information, Allowance 1, 2 and 3. 

browse calculations

Details on EPF, SOCSO, EIS and PCB Calculations can be found here.

Note the Bonus PCB of 551.56 and PCB Deduction of 792.10. Total PCB for the month is 792.10 and the PCB portion for the Bonus is 551.56. This information can be used when Bonus is paid separately before the monthly payslip.

This software is designed to provide basic and accurate calculations for EPF, SOCSO, EIS and PCB. There is sufficient functionality provide all the calculations to produce a payslip. But, the salary calculator is limited to basic calculations and does not have advanced features needed for more complex payroll calculations and reporting. For more advanced features and flexibility please take a look at our Actpay payroll software pricing information. This also includes details reports and upload files for EPF, SOCSO and PCB as well as EA Form

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