10 popular Questions from customers about Actpay Payroll

10 popular Questions from customers about Actpay Payroll

Dear RK,

1.  How much is the package now.

Actpay Pricing for 2019

Item Product Staff Limit Company License Price Annual License
1 Actpay 10 10 staff 1 Company RM 350 RM 100
2 Actpay 30 30 staff 2 Company RM 550 RM 200
3 Actpay 100 100 staff 5 Company RM 850 RM 300
4 Actpay 200 200 staff 10 Company RM 1250 RM 400

2. The PCB calculation is different from the LHDN calculator.

We receive several queries every month on this issue. For the past one and half years we have not found a single mistake in our calculations. In every case it was due to the user entering the wrong information in the LHDN online PCB calculator.

We did find one valid complaint this year though. The PCB amount was off by RM0.05 due to rounding error. This has also been rectified.

To verify PCB calculations please read this article : https://actpayroll.com/kb/doc/how-to-verify-your-pcb-calculations/

3. How to calculate Bonus PCB

There are two ways to pay bonus. One is with the month salary and two, separately.

Actpay completely automates the Bonus PCB and EPF calculations. The user only needs to enter the bonus amount and click calculate.

A detailed explanation can be found here : https://actpayroll.com/kb/doc/bonus-calculations/

4..  If I would start this year,  does it mean I have to key in from January or I can key in for the current month salary 1st,  then only start from January. Will it be updated automatively.

PCB calculations require YTD values. Also EA form.

There are 2 choices. One, enter the old data or two enter just the YTD values in the CF screen.

Read this article for more details. Info for users Starting Payroll Software in the middle of the year

5.  After I try your software I think,  I have make some wrong calculation by my previous salary,  can I key it manually?

Yes. You click on “Suspend Calc”. With this setting you can enter any value you want. This will stop the automatic calculations.

6.  What if some of the staff will be the difference % EPF how?

You can set one extra setting as special for whatever value you want. You can also change all the default EPF settings.

7.  If EPF OR INCOME TAX OR SOCSO MIGHT CHANGE SOME standard rate How?  Can we set up by ourselves or we have to ask your side to change accordingly.

Other than EPF, you will require the software upgrade to get the latest calculations. The annual license is eligible for all upgrades and changes within that calendar year.

Annual upgrade for the current version is only RM100/RM200.

8.  This software,  can be monitor the leave as well right?

You can monitor the no. of days that you have given leave. There are no automatic calculations. You also have an option to calculated prorated leave.

It accumulates the no. of off days and other leave you have given each month.

9.  This software can do payslip (only 1 type or several type), EA, any increment letter or bonus letter or…. etc

This software does not do increment, bonus letter etc.

It is limited to the current reports. Customised reports can be requested at cost. If we find the report requested will be of value to most customers, we will do it for free.

10.  Can I add logo to the payslip in your software?

Logo can be added by copying a file named plogo.jpg to the program directory.