Feature Comparison between Actpay and ActpayLE

Actpay Limited Edition (LE) payroll software is a simple limited version of actpay payroll system targeted at small businesses with limited budget. This software is for companies currently using Excel but need a simpler and easier way to do payroll calculations. Date entry is much easier all calculation details can be seen on one screen for easier payroll management.

Most important is the accuracy of payroll calculations. 100% correct guaranteed.

Basic Payroll Software features found in Actpay Limited Edition

1. 100% Accurate Government Statutory Calculations for EPF, SOCSO, EIS and PCB.
2. Detailed overtime calculations including Rest days and Public holidays
3. Allowances, Deductions and Benefit in Kind for PCB Calculations
4. 6 Allowances, 3 Deductions, Benefit in Kind and Zakat.
5. Print and view individual Payslip. Save as PDF and export to Excel
6. EA Form and Monthly Summary report. Export to Excel and PDF
7. Export Full calculation data to Excel for custom reports.
8. 30 staff limit
9. Knowledgebase and Chat Support
10. Tested and approved by LHDN

Import your existing Excel file payroll data and get started immediately. All the Basic calculations needed for to manage monthly payroll.

No Time limit on software. Free Updates for year of purchase.

Actpay Limited Edition (LE) is a very low cost payroll software for companies with very limited budgets. The software is the same as the full version but with less features.

Following are the list of Features Not found in Actay Limited Edition (LE)

1. Leave Information

This feature allows you to track number of leave taken and balance leave.

2. Recurring Allowances and Deductions

Automatically add recurring allowances and deductions in the monthly calculations.

3. Limited Allowances and Dedutions.

Number of Allowances and Deductions is limited to 6. Full version has 15 Allowances and 10 Deductions.

4. Leave Tracking

Full system allows you to track annual leave and medical leave with balance.

5. TP 1 Deductions for PCB

Full system allows you to deduct TP1. This feature is not found in LE. It is possible to use the Deduction feature to manually deduct TP1 items.

6. Management Reports

Actpay has an extensive list of management reports.

7. Statutory reports and files for upload to EPF, SOCSO and LHDN. Note that EA Form is available in Actpay LE.

8. Generate file for upload pay to Bank

You can generate file for salary payment through banks.

9. Send Payslip through Email

Email payslip to staff for those who have their own email domain. Does not work for Gmail.

10. Staff count and multiple companies.

Actpay has versions from 10 staff to 400 staff and up to 10 companies in one license. LE is limited to 30 staff and 1 company.

10. Price

Actpay LE – RM95

ActPay10 (2024) – Licensed for 1 Company and 10 staff. RM250
ActPay30 (2024) – Licensed for 2 Companies and 30 staff. RM500
ActPay100 (2024) – Licensed for 5 Companies and 100 staff. RM750
ActPay200 (2024) – Licensed for 10 Companies and 200 staff. RM1,250
ActPay400 (2024) – Licensed for 10 Companies and 400 staff. RM1,750