Actpay Payroll FAQ Page


Actpay is completely developed in Malaysia based on 30 years of customised payroll software development.

Actpay is written to handle payroll calculations only. Larger companies which have more complex HR requirements will not find this software suitable.

Most of our clients have between 5-50 staff and are primarily concerned with completing the payroll quickly and accurately. But, the software is flexible enough to handle some clients that have 200 staff and 10 companies with a single license.

Actpay was released commercially in 2014. 

Though the software has been available for only 4 years, ACT developers have been writing customised payroll applications for more than 30 years.




The software cost ranges from RM350 for up to 10 staff to RM1250 for 200 staff and 10 companies.

Details pricing can be found here : https://actpay.com.my/pricing/

Yes. There is an annual fee of approximately 30%. The annual fees are RM100, RM200, RM300 and RM400 for the various versions.

All support and upgrades are free for the calendar year.

Actpay licensing is based on Calendar year. This means irrespective of time of purchase the licensing is for the period for the calendar year and not for a period on one year.

e.g. license for 2018 is from January to December 2018.