3 reasons to upgrade from Excel Payroll to ActPay

Switch from Excel payroll to Actpay Software
Switch from Excel payroll to Actpay Software

There are many SME’s that use Excel payroll calculations to do their monthly payroll in Malaysia. There are several reasons for this. These include :

  1. Free.
  2. Small number of staff, 5-10 and sometimes even up to 30 or more.
  3. Staff earn a fixed salary every month and easy to calculate.
  4. Familiar with Excel.
  5. Always done it that way.

3 reasons to switch from Excel Payroll to Actpay Payroll Software.

  1. One click calculations. Fast, easy, Stress Free payroll managment with accurate calculations. Automatic SOCSO, EPF, EIS and PCB calculations. LHDN Approved, 100% correct PCB calculations.

  2. Automated Payslips, EPF, SOCSO, EIS, PCB and management reports as well as formatted files to for upload to EPF, PERKESO and LHDN.

  3. Automated end of year EA form printouts and CP.8D files for E-Filing. Save time and effort doing this complicated report manually.

The most important reason to switch from Excel is for accuracy and speed. Using Actpay monthly payroll calculations can be completed in minutes. This saves a lot of time and money. Furthermore you can be confident that all the calculations are correct.

What are the issues faced when upgrading from Excel Payroll to ActPay?

Although the software will make work easier and more efficient, there are some initial data entry needed and settings needed to make the switch. Outlined below are some of the procedures needed to overcome the initial difficulties.

Learning curve. Training required to learn the new software.ActPay has been designed specifically to solve this problem.

After initial data entry, it is as Easy as 123. The online documentation is sufficient to start using the software immediately. More than 60% of our users managed to use the software without any training.

Monthly group training and optional on-site training and installation is available.The advanced features may require some training.

Enter initial information of the staff.Actpay has a feature to import staff data from excel/csv file. Using the prescribed format, all the important staff information can be easily imported into Actpay.
Enter previous monthly data.There are two options in adding existing monthly data.

1. Simulate the manual calculations using the manual PCB mode. These calculations should be equal to the manual calculations. If there are any differences, the data can be edited.
2. Input the YTD values into month 01 and continue calculations as normal.

Unable to print out existing management reports.Actpay has a function to export monthly values to excel/csv files. This data can be used to do create your own management reports using Excel.


 Some advantages of ActPay Payroll Application over other software on the market.

  1. Very easy to use.
  2. Fast and Excellent Support.
  3. Low Cost, Low annual renewal fee.
  4. Up to 200 Staff.
  5. Completely portable.
  6. SQL Database.