Easy Malaysian payroll reports and payslips with Excel Export

Actpay can generate multiple reports and files for proper payroll management. Other than printing reports, Actpay can also generate TXT and CSV files for upload to SOCSO, EPF and LHDN for monthly submission. Bank reports and files can also be generated for direct deposit to staff bank accounts and payslips mailed directly to staff.

Multiple Payroll Payslip Option

There are 5 options for printing payslip.

Payroll reports - Payslip formats

  1. Simple Payslip used by most customers.
  2. Payslip with YTD included preferred by some.
  3. Smaller payslip 9 inch by 5 inch to fit pre-printed multiple ply paper size for dot matrix printer.
  4. Report that prints duplicate copy of the same payslip on one page.
  5. Export payslip to pdf. Generated pdf can be emailed to staff. The file name includes Month – Employee Number – Name. Pdf can be emailed directly from the program for users who have their own web hosted email server.

output pdf payslip


1. Basic Paylip – with current month information only.

Basic payslip format

2. Monthly Payslip with YTD included

Alternate payslip with YTD


Monthly Payroll Reports

1. Month End Summary with the basic data and totals for the month.

Monthly summary payroll report

2. Month End Detail Report with more detailed information

Detailed payroll report

3. Allowance report by Department


4. Deduction report by Department


5. Month Extended Detailed Report



Government Statutory Reports

EPF Report – Directly uploaded to KWSP website. 



SOCSO Report – Not used. Data is now directly uploaded to PERKESO website. EIS/SIP Data also uploaded to same website.



CP39 Form – Not needed. Software will generate text file to e-Data PCB website.


EA Form – Generate EA form at year end. Report is generated from YTD data. 

EA Form