PCB Calculator 2023 Download – LHDN Approved Payroll Software

Actpay payroll software is approved by LHDN for its PCB Calculations. Actpay will produce the exact same results as the LHDN Malaysia online PCB Calculator (PCB Kalkulator) which is found at calcpcb.hasil.gov.my. Actpay has a special feature that allows you to check PCB calculations using the LHDN’s online PCB Income Tax Calculator.


Download FREE PCB Calculator/ Salary Calculator Desktop Application

This software is designed to be used as a fast and easy way to get the PCB income tax calculation values provided by eCP39. eCP39 is replacement of the SCHEDULE OF MONTHLY TAX DEDUCTION that use to be provided by LHDN. This table is not available anymore and has has been replaced by the website at https://ecp39.hasil.gov.my.

For a detailed guide on how to do pcb calculations, please read our article “A Complete Guide to LHDN PCB Calculations“. This article explores in detail how PCB is calculated and the many ways to do it.

Please go this link to download. More details on how to use this simple payroll calculator can be found there.

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How to Calculate PCB Only

In default calculations, the software will automatically deduct EPF deduction of RM333.33 for the PCB Calculation. In the example above, note that the wages subject to PCB is 5966.67 and not the gross pay of 6,300. To use the software only to calculate the PCB and not the full salary, do the following.

Choose “No EPF” for EPF Rate and “No SOCSO” for Socso category. This way the software will calculate PCB for the gross salary. There will be no EPF, SOCSO and EIS calculations. You can also get the same result just using “No EPF”

calculator pcb

Please note that LHDN approval is for the Actpay payroll software and not this free PCB calculator. This PCB calculator has been tested for accurate results, but calculations are not guaranteed. The results from Actpay and this PCB calculator will not be the same. Computerised PCB calculations as based on YTD (Year to Date) income, but the eCP39 and this software PCB calculations are based on monthly income. Both calculations are accepted by LHDN.

Online PCB Calculator with Values inserted by Payroll Software
Online PCB Calculator with Values inserted by Payroll Software

Built in LHDN Online PCB Calculator

Actpay has a built in function to access the LHDN PCB Income Tax Calculator found at calcpcb.hasil.gov.my You can easily verify all your PCB calculations using this feature from within Actpay. ActPay includes a special feature which directly loads and submits the payroll values to the LHDN’s online PCB Calculator. With this function, the data fields from the payroll software will be directly input into the online PCB calculator allowing you to verify all PCB income tax calculations.

With this feature you can get the results directly from the online calculator instead of the software. Actpay will allow you to automatically submit the staff information, including spouse and children information into the online form. It will also insert the YTD and current wage details. When you click on the Submit button or click “Calculate” on the form, the calculations will be done on the online PCB form and the result will be displayed on the screen.

If there are any queries from staff or accountant, you can compare Actpay calculations and LHDN calculations using this feature. You can share the results with this screenshot.

You can get more details and information on using this feature here : How to verify your PCB Calculations.

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