PCB Calculator 2018 Malaysia- LHDN Approved Payroll Software

The online PCB Calculator 2018 Malaysia (PCB Kalkulator) can be found at calcpcb.hasil.gov.my. Actpay has a unique feature that allows you to check its calculations on the LHDN’s online PCB Income Tax Calculator.

ActPay payroll software which has been approved by LHDN Malaysia  has a special feature that automates PCB calculations for you without having to use LHDN’s online PCB Income Tax Calculator. With this full featured Payroll software, you do not have to key in the YTD figures and employers details to do the calculations. This is all automatically done for you saving considerable time and effort.

Download FREE PCB Calculator/ Salary Calculator Desktop Application

To make it easier for users who want to check their PCB calculations or salary calculations but do not have a payroll software, we are providing a free Payroll Calculator Windows Application. This simple payroll calculator software can be  PCB Calculator 2018 Malaysiadownloaded from the https://actpay.com.my website.

This payroll calculator software is designed to be used as a fast way to get the PCB income tax calculation values based on the SCHEDULE OF MONTHLY TAX DEDUCTION provided by LHDN. Just enter the correct information and your will get the results immediately. It can also be used for Bonus PCB calculations.

Please go the the website to download. More details on how to use this simple payroll calculator can be found there.

Online PCB Calculator with Values inserted by Payroll Software
Online PCB Calculator with Values inserted by Payroll Software

LHDN Online PCB Calculator

But, if you prefer to use the online PCB Income Tax Calculator at calcpcb.hasil.gov.my  instead of the software, you can also do so from within the software. ActPay includes a special feature which directly loads and submits the payroll values to the LHDN’s online PCB Calculator. With this function, the data fields from the payroll software will be directly input into the online PCB calculator allowing you to verify all PCB income tax calculations.

With this feature you can get the results directly from the online calculator instead of the software. Actpay will allow you to automatically submit the staff information, including spouse and children information into the online form. It will also insert the YTD and current wage details. When you click on the Submit button or click “Calculate” on the form, the calculations will be done on the online PCB form and the result will be displayed on the screen.

You can get more help on using this feature here : How to verify your PCB Calculations.

Purchase Actpay 2018 at a low starting price of only RM 350 for Actpay10 or download the Trial Edition to test it out before purchase. Actpay is extremely affordable and has the lowest cost per staff on the market today. Although it is a low cost payroll software it has all the features needed to complete your monthly payroll tasks as well as many features not found in much more expensive payroll applications sold in Malaysia.