Actpay – Free 40 Day Trial Version (2024)


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Download Free 40 day Payroll Trial. All the features of the paid version for up to 30 staff.

Some advantages of ActPay Payroll over other payroll software on the market.

  1. Very Easy to use payroll software with fast and free online support.
  2. Affordable variable price structure based on number of staff. Low annual fee and No hidden costs.
  3. Simple installation and activation procedure. Install and run anywhere including USB drive.
  4. Payroll software designed using flexible and secure SQL Database.
  5. Error free with money back guarantee on calculations.
  6. Full software and database is only 40MB all in a single folder.
  7. Software approved by LHDN. (No 173)


payroll trial basic screen

Download the Trial payroll software. Get Started Now.

The payroll trial is the Full Version of the commercial Actpay30 payroll Software.

  1. Payroll Trial period of 40+days
  2. Limited to 30 staff
  3. Full reports.

Software Activation has been automated yet. Codes are sent immediately most of the time. If you did not receive it please chat with us for immediate delivery

Please watch the following video for purchase, download and installation instructions.