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Why choose Actpay Payroll System?

Simple, Easy to use Interface

Actpays simple interface and intuitive design is easy to learn. Get started with your payroll calculations immediately.

Fully Automated Calculations

No more Errors. No more complicated formulas. Correct EPF, SOCOS, EIS and  PCB calculations every time.

Affordable Payroll System pricing 

Actpay is very affordable for small businesses, starting at less than RM1 a day. Annual fees low as RM100. 

Watch what you can do in 1 minute using Actpay. Install the free Trial payroll app on your Windows PC.

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7 reasons to choose Actpay Payroll Software

  1. One click
    Fully automated SOCSO, EPF, EIS, PCB, Overtime and Leave calculations.
  2. 100% correct 
    Get it right every time. Approved by LHDN. Tried and tested by hundreds of users since 2014.
  3. Import data from Time Management Software
    Import data from popular time management software using Excel template.
  4. Payslip and Reports 
    Wide range of reports with Excel export. EPF, SOCSO, EIS, PCB statutory files for direct upload to website.
  5. Affordable price
    Annual fee starting at RM100 per annum.
  6. Easy to use
    Simple interface will get you started with Payroll immediately.
  7. Money Back Guarantee
    100% Money back guarantee for any calculation Error.

Stop using Excel. Upgrade to Actpay for speed and accuracy.

Actpay is a very flexible payroll system suitable for both small and large companies. Benefits include fast processing, accurate calculations and comprehensive reports. All calculations on one page.

Our SQL Payroll database guarantees reliable data storage and accuracy. For your data security, all data and reports can be exported to Excel for further formatting and processing.

Fast and accurate EPF, SOCOS, EIS, PCB and overtime calculations. Complete monthly payroll in minutes instead of hours. Do your monthly payroll with complete confidence.

Payroll system details

7 Unique Features of Actpay Payroll System


Very Affordable Payroll System – Less than RM1 a day. 

Annual fee for up to 100 staff is less than RM1 a day.

Low annual license fees starting at RM250.

Actpay’s price is very affordable compared to cloud based payroll systems that can cost hundreds every month.


Install and Run anywhere

Run setup and install only once using a simple automated processes. Just one minute. New re-registration or activation not needed in case of hard disk crash or virus attack. Just copy the backup folder and run anywhere, even on thumb drive.

Full Actpay payroll software including database drivers and system files take up less than 40MB. No special installation or database drivers needed. Runs on a secure SQL database. 


Flexible Payroll Calculations

Actpay has complete flexibility in printing and re-calculating employee pay for any month as and when required. No need to restore old data. Just choose month and run.

Create custom Allowances, Deductions and Benefit in Kind. Customize EPF, SOCSO, EIS, HRDF and PCB calculations for allowances and deductions.


Easy to Use, Simple Payroll System Interface

Simple 3 step monthly process. All payroll information can be viewed on a single screen for fast monthly data entry and calculation. Simple one click functionality.


Accurate, Error free Calculations.

Actpay has been tested by hundreds of users since its initial release in 2014. All payroll calculations are error free and come with a full money back guarantee for any wrong calculations.


Fast/Free Online Support

Online Chat is available everyday for fast support. Cut and paste screenshot to the chat for fast problem resolution.

Even the most difficult software issues are resolved within 24 hours. Most problems are solved within minutes.


Excel and Data Export

All data and reports can be exported to Excel format for further processing. No hidden data. Exported files can be used to process the data further or to import into other applications.

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Save Time and Money with Actpay Payroll software

If you are looking for a flexible, easy to use offline payroll system for your business, Actpay is the right choice. Lower cost and less time doing payroll means more savings.

With its intuitive design, 70% of users managed to learn to use Actpay without any training.

Malaysia Government Statutory Calculations

All statutory calculations required for payroll in Malaysia have been tested and verified since its launch over the last 7 years


EPF calculator automatically  handles amount above 5,000. Set EPF custom rate and generate text file for online submission to EPF Website.


Built in SOCSO and EIS calculator. Handle local and foreign employees. Generate csv file for online submission to PERKESO.


Approved by LHDN and 100% accurate. Generates the exact same values as LHDN online PCB income tax calculator. Text file for online submission to LHDN

Overtime and Leave Calculations

Overtime calculations have been enhanced to make calculations easier and conform to the Employment Act

Overtime Calculations

Automatic hourly rate. Option for custom hourly rate and variable rate based on allowance. Automatic calculations for rest days and public holidays

Absent / Leave Deduction

Deduct no pay leave and absent by half day and full day. Automatic calculation based on days in the month. Option for hourly deduction.

Track Annual Leave

Track annual, medical and no pay leave. Carry forward leave from previous year. Option to calculate balance leave prorated by month.

Other Salary Calculations

Acatpay payroll system is very flexible in handling allowances, deductions and other calculations that conform to the Malaysia Employment Act

Allowances / Deductions

15 Allowances, 10 Deductions and 5 Benefit in Kind available. Each of these can be configured for EPF, SOCSO, SIP, PCB tax calculations and EA Form.

Bonus Calculation

Generate bonus PCB and EPF calculations. Option to pay bonus separately or together with monthly pay. Print separate bonus payslip.

Others Functions

Set recurring monthly allowances and deductions. Option for mid month advance. Special fields for Zakat, Loan and CP38.

Payroll Reporting and Export Files

Actpay has a wide range of reports which can be exported to Excel for further analysis and customization


Multiple payslip design options including for dot matrix printer. All Payslips can be exported as individual pdf or excel files. Email payslip employees using pop or imap email server.

Monthly Reports

Summary and detailed payroll business management reports. Detailed allowance and deduction reports. Export file for submission of salary payment through major banks.

Report Functions

All payroll reports can be exported to Excel for further customization for accounting purposes. Generate files for online submission to government institutions and banks.

A wide range of customers using Actpay Payroll Software

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