Easy, Affordable Payroll Software System for Malaysian SME's

  • Simple, Easy to use Payroll Interface.
  • Fully Automated Payroll Calculations and Reports
  • Get started immediately with minimum Payroll Knowledge. 

Why Choose Actpay for Monthly Payroll?

  • Simple, Easy to use Interface. Get started immediately with minimum knowledge and training.
  • Fully Automated salary calculator and reports with everything you need in one simple payroll system.
  • Very affordable tiered payroll pricing to suit any budget with no hidden costs.

The best Payroll Software choice to automate your monthly payroll processing. Despite its affordable cost, Actpay is a very flexible payroll system suitable for both small and large companies. With a streamlined 3 step payroll management process, monthly salary calculations can be completed in a matter of minutes with complete confidence and accuracy.

1. Accurate Salary Calculations

Actpay has been running error free and bug free for the past 3 years since 2016. You can expect the best payroll calculation reliability from Actpay’s payroll calculations. The EPF, SOCSO, SIP and PCB payroll calculator functions have been verified by hundreds of users since its launch in 2014.

Actpay’s PCB salary calculator has also been tested and certified by the Inland Revenue Board Of Malaysia (LHDN). You can depend on 100% correct PCB calculations with Actpay.

2. Simple 3 Step Monthly Payroll System Procedure

Actpay is the best payroll choice for small businesses in Malaysia that are looking for an easy to use Windows Desktop payroll application. Due to its simplicity, 70% of our users have been able to use Actpay without any training.

Actpay is a simple software than can be used for both small and large companies. The Actpay payroll system uses a simple 3 step monthly process allowing all calculations and inputs to be viewed in a single screen for fast, easy input and calculations. Finish your monthly Malaysia payroll calculations in minutes instead of hours.

Generate your salary payslip on time every month.

Best payroll software price

3. Best Payroll Application Price for Single and Multiple companies

Actpay Licensing is flexible enough to handle the payroll requirements of most small businesses and even many large businesses. Clients with more than 200 staff are currently using Actpay because it runs on a very efficient SQL payroll database

Choose your license based on our tiered payroll pricing for 10, 30, 100 or 200 staff with up to 10 companies in a single license. Purchase just what you need. One single payment. No hidden costs!

Enjoy even greater savings with our low annual license updates.

4. EPF, SOCSO, SIP, PCB Salary Calculator

With just the click of one button our tested and verified payroll calculators will automatically do all the necessary calculations.

Simply enter Allowances, Deductions and Overtime. Click “Calc Payslip” and the software will automatically calculate Malaysia payroll requirements for EPF, SOCSO, SIP, PCB and Net Pay. It will also generate the reports for all of the above including Payslip and Management reports.

No online data entry needed. Generated text files can be directly uploaded to EPF, SOCSO and LHDN websites.

5. Salary Payslip, Payroll Management and Statutory Reports

Actpay generates a full range of reports for management and government statutory requirements. All reports can be exported to Excel files for further customization.

The payroll system generates formatted files for direct upload to EPF, SOCSO and LHDN websites as well as files for direct debit through leading Malaysian banks.

Actpay also has multiple salary payslip designs to cater to different clients.

6. Flexible and Customisable Calculation Parameters

The Actpay payroll management system is very flexible allowing you to configure various parameters.

Custom Allowances, Deductions and Benefit in Kind can be added as required. These can be configured individually for EPF, SOCSO, SIP, PCB and EA Form fields. Recurring allowances and Customisable EPF rates make salary calculations even more flexible.

This flexibility makes Actpay suitable for companies with up to 200 without any problems.

7. No Dongle. Compact, Portable easy to install Software.

Actpay is different from other payroll programs. The Actpay payroll application is very compact, taking up only 40MB of space for the application and database. Actpay data is store in a single  SQL payroll database that is only 4MB. Easy to store and backup.

The Actpay software can also be copied and run anywhere without any special activation procedures. Run Actpay on a flash drive or even Google Drive. This portability makes it very secure in case of virus attacks or other problems. Just copy from the backup and continue work immediately.


Actpay is designed to be an Easy to Use software for Malaysian SME’s (Small and Medium Enterprises). Our clients staff size vary in size from 2 to 200 with up to 10 companies in a single license.

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Actpay Client List

Actpay has made the whole process of doing payroll much easier at any time and any place within minutes. That has saved a lot of efforts and time every month ends with no worries.

Ming, Trinity pharmacy
Consumer Goods, Kuala Lumpur

This is the type of software that we have been looking for. It is affordable and very easy to use. Will surely recommend to anyone who wants to use in their company.

Success Role Sdn Bhd.
Education, Ulu Tiram, Johor

Very easy to use, calculating overtime become so easy, great after sales support and affordable.
-ANA, draishahsolutions.com.my
Manufacturing, Sungai Petani, Kedah

Payroll Quick Start

Actpay comes with a very simple installation and setup procdure. Download a 10MB Setup file. Run and activate it in a minute or two and you are ready to run.

Free Online Support

Actpay has a very fast support response time. 90% of problems are solved within minutes. Support is available through Live Online Chat and Email.

Simple, Fair Price

Actpay has a tiered payroll pricing starting at RM350 for 10 staff. The software price  increases to RM1250 for 200 staff and 10 companies license. 

Need advice?

Our live Chat Agents are available from 10am to 5pm ready to guide you. Click on our Online Chat for immediate support.

Actpay comes with a detailed knowledgebase to guide you through the Initial Setup and Monthly Procedures. Browse and search this  extensive knowledgebase to get up and running with your monthly payroll.