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Actpay’s ease of use and affordability makes it the best payroll software choice for Malaysian small businesses. Our customers include doctors, accounting and payroll outsource firms, factories and colleges. Try our payroll system free for 40 days.

Actpay is appoved by LHDN has had 100% accurate PCB calculations for the past 5 years.

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Actpay is a very flexible payroll system suitable for both small and large companies. Benefits include fast processing, accurate calculations and comprehensive reports required for monthly accounting using a SQL Payroll database for reliable data storage and accuracy. All data and reports can be exported to Excel for further formatting and processing

Actpay’s streamlined 3 step payroll calculation process, speeds up monthly EPF, SOCOS, EIS, PCB and overtime salary calculations. Complete monthly payroll in minutes instead of hours. Well tested salary calculator functions over the past 8 years. Do your monthly payroll fast and with complete confidence.

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If you need a flexible, easy to use offline payroll system for a small business, Actpay is your best choice for made in Malaysia payroll software. Lower cost and less time spent, means more savings.

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