Easy, Affordable Payroll Software System for Malaysian SME's

  • Simple, Easy to use Interface.

  • Fully Automated Calculations and Reports

  • Get started immediately. Minimum Knowledge required. 

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Why Choose Actpay Payroll Software

Actpay is designed to be an Easy to Use payroll software for Malaysian SME’s (Small and Medium Enterprises). Our clients staff size vary in size from 2 to 200 with up to 10 companies in a single license.

Payroll Quick Start

Actpay comes with a very simple installation and setup procdure. Download a 10MB Setup file. Run and activate it in a minute or two and you are ready to run.

Free Online Support

Actpay has a very fast support response time. 90% of problems are solved within minutes. Support is available through Live Online Chat and Email.

Fair Price

Actpay has a tiered pricing starting at RM350 for 10 staff. The payroll software price  increases up to RM1250 for 200 staff and 10 companies license. 

Need advice?

Our live Chat Agents are available from 10am to 5pm ready to guide you. Click on our Online Chat for immediate support.

Actpay comes with a detailed knowledgebase to guide you through the Initial Setup and Monthly Procedures. Browse and search this  extensive knowledgebase to get up and running with your monthly payroll.


“  Actpay has made the whole process of doing payroll much easier at any time and any place within minutes. That has saved a lot of efforts and time every month ends with no worries. ”

Ming, Trinity pharmacy

Our story

Applied Computer Technologies has developed Actpay based on 30 years experience writing payroll software for various organizations. The lessons learnt from writing payroll systems for these varied organizations has been invaluable in writing this software. Clients have ranged from Small SME’s to complex manufacturing companies with multiple shifts.

Using the lessons learnt from this varied experience we set out to write a payroll management system that would be flexible, yet easy to use. We have succeeded in achieving this goal by completing development of Actpay Payroll Software.

Since its commercial launch, further testing and development has resulted in a solid, dependable, error free and bug free Payroll system for Malaysian small businesses.

Download our Free 40 Trial Version to test and check out our claims.

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