CP8D 2023 Update has new format and 2 new fields

A new version of CP8D file has been released for the year 2023. 2 new fields have been added for Employee status and Date of Retirement / End of Contract. Note that these are compulsory fields and employers have to add this information for all staff.

Note : This format has to be used to upload to LHDN website.

1. Employee Status will fall under one of the following 6 categories.

  1. Management of the organization
  2. Permanent
  3. Contract
  4. Part time
  5. Interns
  6. Others

“Management of the organization are referred to company directors, cooperative society’s board members, association’s controlling members and partners of limited liability partnership.”

2. Date of Retirement / End of Contract

This field is compulsory to be completed. Cannot leave it blank.

There are 3 types of dates used to fill this field.

Generate CP8D File using Actpay.

Two fields have been added under Employee Info to take care of this new requirement.

To speed up data entry for permanent employees, we have added an option to automatically add retirement date based on date of birth. This function is found in the process payroll screen. Enter the retirement age and the software will update all staff with contract end date based on birthday plus retirement age. For staff with contract or other status, you can manually edit the date.

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