Complete Guide to Understanding Malaysia PCB Calculations

PCB Table 2023

The most common support question asked at Actpay is related to PCB calculations. This is because the way PCB is calculated is very complex and also the PCB results can be quite surprising. To better explain these complexities and special cases, we have written “A Complete Guide to LHDN PCB Calculations“. This article explores the … Read more

Actpay Mandatory Software Update Release R93 for 2023 Budget PCB

LHDN has now updated their PCB Calculations based on the new 2023 Budget. Release R92 did not take into account some of the changes that have been made in the latest release by LHDN. Correct PCB Calculations starting June 2023 will require the latest R93 version. Please download and update. Download and Run “SetupActPay30-23-1093.exe” For … Read more

Changes to LHDN PCB Calculations for Budget 2023

PCB Table 2023

LHDN has now updated their PCB Table based on the 2023 Budget. PCB Calculations from June 2023 will be based on the new calculations. Amendments for computerised calculation method of Monthly Tax Deduction (MTD) 2023 are as follows. REVIEW OF INCOME TAX RATES AND INCOME TAX STRUCTURE Income Tax for Resident Individual  Current Position Presently, … Read more

Message “Software Update Required to Continue”

Actpay users will now be getting the above message when they start the program. This message and other messages were embedded in the software to make sure that the users update their software when the time comes. We had experience in previous years where users did not update critical software updates. The reason for this … Read more

Free Payroll Software Training

New to Payroll? Not sure how to do your payroll calculations? Want to know more before purchasing?  Come Join us. We are now offering free group training on Actpay. Open to everyone. Purchase not needed. Cost : FREE – Open to All, including potential customers. (You do not have to purchase software to attend the training) Payroll … Read more