Problem with Excel Sheet updating EA Form Item F

Staff may have to pay much higher income tax if this entry is not done properly. Section F in the EA Form is for entering Tax Exempt income. The most common Tax Exempt income is Traveling Allowance for up to RM6,000 followed by Child Care allowance with deduction up to RM2,400. The traveling allowance is … Read more

3 Ways to do Bonus PCB calculation without a Payroll Software – Updated for 2020

The PCB calculation for Bonus was one of the most difficult part of writing the Actpay payroll software. We recommend using a software as everything is fast and easy as all the PCB Bonus calculations are automatic. This article shows in detail, step by step how to do the PCB Bonus calculation without using a … Read more

Actpay Update R65

A new update is available for Upload It has many minor changes, but the major ones are : Bonus Calculations paid separately When Bonus is calculated separately and Calculate Payslip is done at the end of the month, the bonus EPF and PCB are deleted. This update corrects this problem. Medial Leave Balance Medical Leave … Read more

New Payroll Setup and Installation Service

Difficulty doing your payroll? No more. Let us do it for you. Use our new Payroll Setup and Installation service. We will : Import all data from your current Excel system Setup Allowances and Deductions Teach you to start using the payroll immediately No need for long training sessions. Everything installed and ready to get … Read more