Import payroll data from Time Management Software

There have been many requests to integrate Actpay with Time Management software. We have added this simple solution to import data from time management software for accurate and reliable calculations.

Note that data has to be exported as month totals and not daily records. Monthly reports are available for most time tracking services and devices. The data should be verified in the time management software before being imported into Actpay.

Integration with Time Management Software

Currently Actpay has been integrated and tested on 2 popular software. More will be added in the future.

  1. Check Time has a function to export data in the Actpay format.
  2. Fingertec has a flexible export system that allows it to export in the Actpay excel format.

Actpay can import monthly time management data from a excel file with the following format. More details on the format and procedures can be found at

If you do not have either of these software, you can easily move the columns around to match the Actpay format. Alternatively ask your time management provider to generate the required excel file.

It is not necessary to provide all the fields, but for accurate and flexible overtime calculations all data is necessary.

To make the import function even more flexible we have added 2 extra fields, Allowance and Deduction. This is to handle allowances or deductions that are tied to attendance and other incentives. The user can calculate these files in excel and add it to he excel sheet. This data can then be imported as Allowance and Deduction directly into the Monthly Entry Screen.

Note that Actpay does not do any calculations during the import. It only imports the data to the screen which will then be calculated using the normal procedures.

The imported data corresponds to the following data on the Monthly Entry Screen. Excel will overwrite all this information.

You can download the excel template here : Time Import Excel Template

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