Actpay Annual Upgrade Procedure

Following is the sequence of actions needed to Install and Upgrade from previous years version. The following example is based on Actpay200 but the procedure for Actpay 2021 is the same.

Download and run Setup File.

Setup Screen

Check “I accept the Agreement” and click Next

Setup Installing Files

Option to launch Actpay200 and Getting Started PDF. Click Finish.

Opens Getting Started PDF. Read for more detailed instructions.

Activation Screen. Input data from Activation Email. It is recommended to Cut and Paste.

On successful activation. Program will close. Restart.

Default Username = ‘admin’.  Password = ‘admin’

Opens with Zero Staff

Go to Import Data Screen and Click “Connect Import DB”

Go to 2019 installation directory and choose database. Files starting with “db” are backups. Choose the current database.

The above message will appear showing registered company.

Click “Import Company Data”

Confirm Import procedure.

Make sure number of Employees in previous database is less than the license. If too many, go to 2019 software and delete unwanted employees.

If you wish to import resigned staff, Click “NO”, else click “YES” to import only active staff.

Click OK to import the rest of the database including Allowances, Recurring and other information. Click OK for all the messages.

One Done you will get the message Update Completed.

Final Message. Close and restart program. All the data has been imported.




















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