ActPay100 (2022)


Includes :

  • All updates until December 2022
  • Free online chat and mail in support
  • No hidden cost
  • Annual update from 2nd year is RM300 only
  • As low as RM0.50 per staff over 2 years.



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Actpay Pricing for 2022

ItemProductStaff LimitCompany LicensePriceAnnual License
1Actpay1010 Staff1 CompanyRM350RM100
2Actpay3030 Staff2 CompanyRM 550RM 200
3Actpay100100 Staff5 CompanyRM 850RM 300
4Actpay200200 Staff10 CompanyRM 1250RM 400
5Actpay400400 Staff10 CompanyRM 2000RM 500

On upgrading :

  • The 2021 version will remain as it is in its own directory.
  • The 2022 version will be installed in a different directory. The staff and company details will be imported from the 2021 version to the 2022 database.