Actpay 2020 Trial Edition


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Download the Trial version of Actpay which runs for 40 days. Enough to do full Payroll and Bonus calculations for January and February 2020. 

Some advantages of ActPay Payroll over other payroll software on the market.

  1. Easy to use software with fast and free online support.
  2. Affordable, publicly available price structure with low annual fee. No hidden costs.
  3. Simple installation and activation.
  4. Run software anywhere.
  5. Bug free application running on SQL Database.

Try it yourself. Download the Trial now.

The trial is the Full Version of the commercial Actpay Software.

  1. Trial period of 40+days
  2. Limited to 30 staff
  3. 2 Companies
  4. Sample Data
  5. Full reports.

Software Activation has not been automated yet. Although codes are sent immediately most of the time, it may take few hours occasionally.

Please watch the following video for purchase, download and installation instructions.



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