Actpay Payroll Price

Actpay Payroll Software Price list for 2018/2019

Actpay Payroll Software price varies based on number of staff and companies. Currently the standard version of Actpay payroll is limited to 200 staff and 10 companies.

ItemProductStaff LimitCompany LicensePriceAnnual License
1Actpay1010 staff1 CompanyRM 350RM 100
2Actpay3030 staff2 CompanyRM 550RM 200
3Actpay100100 staff5 CompanyRM 850RM 300
4Actpay200200 staff10 CompanyRM 1250RM 400

5. Group Training

  1. Training will be conducted in lecture format with live step by step procedures.
  2. There will be an hour for individual questions and answers.
  3. Limited to 10 participants.

6. Online Training – RM150

  1. One to One online training. 1-1.5 hours.
  2. Training will be conducted online using Remote Desktop Software. The trainer will take control of the customers PC and guide them to using the software step by step.
  3. Instructions will be over the phone.
  4. Prior appointment will be made before the training session.

7. On-Site Training – RM300

  1. One to One On-site training 2-3 hours.
  2. Training will be On-site using the customers PC.
  3. The trainer will do the install, and initial setup for the client.
  4. The trainer will guide the customers on monthly procedures step by step.
  5. Prior appointment will be made before the training session.

8. Custom Reports – RM200

  1. Custom payslip or report
  2. Report limited to values available on the database.
  3. Does not include reports that need to generate .csv or excel files.
  4. Email to for detailed information.

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