Payroll training – Results and Feedback


There was a lot of feedback, as well as some feature requests. Some of these feature requests will be added in the next update.

Feedback from payroll training session

  1. All the users managed to use the software without training, for the basic requirements. But, training was needed to explain some of the advanced features related to Allowances, Overtime and PCB. We will be improving the documentation in the coming weeks.
  2. Most surprising information was that most of the participants were using the software for more than 50 staff and even 100+ staff. Was expecting most users to have 5-20 staff.
  3. Also found out that many of the participants have used other payroll software before and are switching to Actpay. The main reason fro the switch is that they found this software easier to use. We are happy to hear this as “ease of use” is the primary goal of Actpay.

We are not sure whether to arrange for another training session. It will depend on response. If there is enough response, we will arrange for another training session. If so, the cost may be slightly higher to cover our costs.

We may also consider giving on-site training, but only in KL/PJ. Please click on the link and request On-site training in the comment.

In the coming month we will spend time improving the documentation. Some significant features will be also added in the next update. Price of the software may increase with the introduction of the new features, but current paid users will not be affected. The price will remain the same for current version as well as the upgrade cost next year.

Thanks to everyone for their continued support.