Actpay Payroll System for Malaysian Small Businesses – Calculation Functions

The Actpay Payroll System is a fast, easy to use Windows software for Stress Free payroll calculations. Actpay is a full featured SQL payroll software with all the features needed for monthly Malaysian payroll calculations.

Actpay has been fully tested over the past 5 years and is bug free software with 100% accurate PCB calculations. Actpay payroll is approved by LHDN and can produce all the reports necessary for direct submission to the LHDN online portal. You can check our payroll software approved for use in Malaysia at approved by LHDN.

Actpay is a payroll software primarily designed with simplicity in mind. Stress Free, Easy to use Payroll system for Malaysian Users.

More than 70% of our users managed to use Actpay on their own without any training.

The main reason is the Actpay Monthly Screen. All calculations and data can be seen on one screen, making it easier for data entry and corrections.

Actpay Payroll System monthly calculations screen
All monthly payroll information on Single screen

Standard Payroll System features :

  1. PCB Calculations.
  2. EPF, SOCSO and EIS Calculations.
  3. HRDF payment report.
  4. Overtime Calculations.
  5. Prorated Leave.
  6. Bank Reports.
  7. Export reports to Excel File.
  8. Payslip and management reports.
  9. Statutory reports for EPF, SOCSO, EIS and LHDN.

1. PCB Calculations

PCB Calculations are automatic and have been verified and tested by LHDN. For those who want to be doubly sure, ActPay has a feature to directly submit values into the online PCB Calculator. All PCB calculations can be verified using this feature. The PCB calculations have been tested again and again by users for the past 2 years with no errors to date.

2. EPF, SOCSO and EIS Calculations

SOCSO and EIS calculations are fixed, but EPF rates are quite flexible. Software will automatically detect age for SOCSO and EIS calculations.

The EPF rates can be increased and set to different values. This is useful where staff get higher than gazetted EPF contributions.

3. HRDF Report

Generates report showing staff and amount eligible for monthly HRDF contribution.

4. Overtime Calculations

Overtime calculations by default are based on 26 days and 8 hours. This can be changed in the default settings. For staff with special non-standard overtime rates, hourly and daily rates can be changed on their individual staff settings.

Overtime calculations are automated for 1.0, 1.5, 2.0 and 3.0 rates. Rest day and Public holiday calculations are also automated.

5. Prorated Leave

The software will automatically calculate available prorated leave based on the current month. Includes ability to import carry forward leave from previous year.

6. Bank Reports.

Software generates Bank reports for automatic payroll deduction for staff. This is feature is currently available for several popular banks. More banks will be added as requested by clients.

7. Export reports to Excel File

All reports can be exported to Excel file format for editing and report purposes. Various filter and sort functions are also available for allow users to create their own custom reports.

8. Payslip and Payroll management reports.

All the basic management reports needed for the smooth running of the company are readily available. But, with our commitment to improving the software, more management reports will be added through the course of the year. All these updates will be supplied free of charge to all users.

9. Statutory Government payroll reports for EPF, SOCSO, EIS and LHDN.

All the reports needed for these statutory reports are available. The software can generate text and csv files as needed by these statutory bodies. These files can be directly uploaded to EPF, SOCSO and LHDN.

Files are also available for many banks.

All the basic Payroll software functionality

With ActPay all the basic tasks of generating monthly pay and annual reports can be done quickly and easily.

Actpay’s simple workflow flow makes monthly payroll processing fast and easy. Once the initial setup is done, monthly processing is just 3 steps.

1. Initialise Monthly Values
2. Enter overtime hours and any variable deductions and allowances.
3. Update the Monthly calculations.

Three steps and it is done. As easy as 1,2,3. Just print the reports you need and your work is finished.

Unique Payroll System Features found in Actpay

Actpay Payroll has several unique features not found in other Payroll systems.

  1. Online PCB Calculator
    This feature allows the user to access the online PCB Calculator. The software will automatically input all the necessary data into the online form. The user can than process the calculations as usual using the online form.
  2. Manual PCB Calculation
    The user has the option to set the default settings to manual mode. This is for users who want to continue using the manual calculation method for their payroll. The results can then be used as needed.
  3. All Payroll Input on Single Screen
    All data related to each staff is visible on a single screen. This means the user does not have to open several screens or pop-up boxes to input data. Just one single screen and one single edit is needed. this makes the software faster and easier to use.
  4. Extreme Editing Flexibility 
    This is a strength and a weakness. Data for previous months can be edited and updated anytime. Data can be “rolled back” to previous months to make any corrections needed.
  5. Portability
    Because of its small size and modular design, Actpay can be copied and run on multiple computers. The full software and database only take up 40mb. Payroll can be done anywhere, anytime, even on a USB Thumb drive.

More Features

There are several other features that make this software easy to use. Actpay will continue to update the payroll software with all the requirements needed for a comprehensive and easy to use Malaysian Payroll software. We will continue to make this software more flexible and easy to use.


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