Customised Payroll – Faster, Easier and Accurate

Customised Payroll – Faster, Easier and Accurate

If your monthly payroll is taking several days to do, consider payroll customization. 

It will save you a lot of time and money.

Following is an example of Customised payroll for a vertical industry. The primary goals are speed and accuracy. Also cusomised payroll allows for different varying overtime calculations depending on Staff category and month.

The terms and conditions will be similar for all customised payroll software. Costs may differ depending on requirements and complexity.


Do 150 guards payroll in half a day with just one staff!



  • Does it take 5 days or more to do your monthly payroll?

  • Do you need specially trained or multiple staff to do your payroll?

  • Do you regularly face delays and mistakes with your calculations?


otratesFully parameterized settings allow customized payroll calculations

Multiple calculation modes allow different formulas for different guards

Automated and prorated allowances based on days worked.


We provide :

  1. Fully automated software. Enter 150 guards attendance data in 1-3 hours with just one staff*.
  2. Multiple calculation methods for locals and foreigners : Monthly rated, daily rated and variable rates.
  3. Complete set of customized management reports.
  4. Automatic monthly allowances, deductions and calculations.
  5. 3 months on-site service : Customization, Training, Installation and Testing.
  6. 100% accurate calculations.

*Note : The fast speed stated is based on experience with some of our clients.




(Very) Fast, (Very) Easy, (Very) Accurate.

Save Time. Save Money.



Contact us for free evaluation.

Cost : RM5,000**

(3 months Progress Payments)

** Cost may vary depending on No. of Staff and Reporting Functions.