How to generate E Form / C.P.8D – Pin. 2018

C.P.8D : Return of remuneration from employment, claim for deduction and particulars of tax deduction under the income tax rules (deduction from remuneration) 1994 for the year ended 31 december 2018.

Employers are required to complete this statement on all their respective employees for the year 2018.

There are 2 options to generate this file.

  1. Employers with their own computerised system can prepare C.P.8D data in the form of txt as per format specified.
  2. LHDNM has prepared the C.P.8D format in Microsoft Excel 2003 to assist employers in preparing the data. This program can be obtained from the LHDNM Official Portal.

Important Links

Specifications and Documentation on E Form / C.P.8D Form


C.P.8D Information Layout

This form is only for viewing.

Please use the Malay language version for submission to LHDNM.

E 2018 Explanatory Notes and EA & EC Guide Notes

Although information on an Excel File is stated, the only version available is from 2017. As there are no changes in the format, the 2017 version can be used for 2018. The file can be found here :

C.P. 8D Information Layout and Guide on Submission via compact disc (CD) in the following format: txt File, or Microsoft Excel


Option to generate C.P.8D Text File in Actpay Version 5.2 R35

Unfortunately the text file export for CP8D is not working in R35. This issue can be overcome by downloading the latest update which is now available for download at “My Account” :

The procedure for CP8D text file export is as follows.

  1. Run Update YTD
  2. Run Update EA Form
  3. E Form Update/Total
  4. C.P.8D Text File

On running the E Form Total, the following information will appear. This information can be used to fill in the E Form.

Running the C.P.8D Text File will generate 2 files as shown below. Both files have to be uploaded to the LHDN File.

Generating the C.P.8D Excel file using the Template provided by LHDN.

The C.P.8D format Excel Template available for download here :

The file generated by Actpay is as follows :

Copy and paste the data from Row 3 and below to the Excel Template.

C.P.8D format in Microsoft Excel 2003 can only be submitted using CD / USB drive / external hard disk, and its submission via e-Filing is unacceptable. One (1) file will be sent to LHDNM using the name MP2900030000_2018.XLS

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