Function added for Excel Users to do EA Form

If you are doing your payroll using Excel, generating the EA form is a tedious and difficult process. To make it easier, we have added some functions in our Trial users to speed up and automate this process.

Problem doing EA form with Excel

  1. Month data is stored in separate files. Need to sum the Year total
  2. Need to fill in employee names and Tax number individually
  3. Need to fill the totals in the correct sections
  4. Need to print EA form or PDF files
  5. Need to generate E Form using EA Form data

We have added some features to each of these steps.

This software can be used in 3 ways to speed up your work.

  1. Import all the monthly sheets and generate a YTD Excel file. Using this file manually fill in the EA form and E form.
  2. Import the employee information into Actpay and edit the EA Form manually
  3. Import the YTD data into Actpay using the Actpay Excel format and generate the EA Form and E Form. Note that this method requires some understanding of the program.

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