Free Actpay Payroll and Leave Management Software

Free Payroll Software download for Malaysian small business is now available. Please download from our Free product website at

The Free Payroll Software has a very basic data entry screen, but uses the same software engine as Actpay Payroll software.  This Free Payroll software can produce the full Malaysian payroll requirements including PCB, EPF, SOCSO and EIS.

Free Payroll Software download for small business


Free Leave management software

Salary Calculator

Features : 

  1. Government Statutory Calculations for EPF, SOCSO,EIS and PCB
  2. Bonus Calculations.
  3. Exported calculations to Excel.

Ready for Download.

Leave Management

Features :

  1. Public Holidays Calendar
  2. Track Leave Taken by Staff
  3. No. of staff leave overview
  4. Reports

Ready for Download.

Time Management

Features :

  1. Import Data from excel file
  2. Calculate hours worked
  3. Reports
  4. Export details.

Under Development

Download now!



You can also download the Actpay Trial Version. Download Here.

The trial is the Full Version of the commercial Actpay Software.

  1. Trial period of 40+days
  2. Limited to 30 staff
  3. 2 Companies
  4. Sample Data
  5. Full reports.

Software Activation has not been automated yet. Although codes are sent immediately most of the time, it may take few hours occasionally.



  The Free version of the payroll software is exactly the same as the Paid version except for 2 limitations.

  1. Printing reports will be limited to only Payslip and Month Summary.
  2. All the file export functions will not be available.

Users must Register to Download Payroll Software.

Paid version of the software is available. This version does not have any of the reporting restrictions.

Three reasons to buy Actpay :

  1. Very easy to use. Can use it without training.
  2. Unlimited staff. No problems with 100+ staff.
  3. Very low cost. Software with similar features cost 2 to 5 times as much. Cost of Actpay payroll is RM350.

Click here to request a quotation :

Please view the following Videos before installing software. 

1. Download and Registration procedure – ActPay 2015

2.  Initial Software Setup

3. Monthly data entry procedures 

Terms and conditions for Free Download of Actpay Payroll Software 2015

  • Software is provided as is. Micro Mart will not be liable for any losses incurred directly or indirectly through the use of this software.
  • Registration is optional. Registration is only required for Forum access.
  • Company name is required for display on payslip and reports.
  • Email is required to send registration code.
  • Support for software is limited to the Forum. Optional paid support and training is available.
  • All bug fixes and updates for the year 2015 will provided without cost. There is no time or trial limit in the software.
  • Software can be used in more than one company by obtaining separate registration codes.
  • Software is targeted at small SME’s with minimal Payroll requirements.

Latest version :

Users must Register to Download payroll Software