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1 staff or 400 staff, Actpay has the power and flexibility to handle all your payroll requirements. Our SME payroll software is used by factories, doctors, accountants, colleges and even payroll outsource companies. Actpays accuracy, easy to use interface and flexibility makes it suitable for both beginners and experts. 

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3 reasons to switch to Actpay Payroll software

Remove all doubt and stress. No more errors. Complete your payroll easily and on time every month.

Fast payroll solution

1. Save Time and Money

Finish your monthly payroll in minutes instead of hours. Fully automated calculations and reports. All this at a lower cost. 

Accurate Payroll calculations
2. Accuracy

Automated EPF, EIS, SOCSO, PCB and Overtime calculations. Actpay payroll software is approved by LHDN. Tested by hundreds of users since 2014.

Payslip and payroll management reports
3. Reports

Automatically generate payslips, monthly reports, online submission files and EA Form. All reports and data can be exported  to Excel and PDF format.

Fast and easy Payroll

1. Save Time with our Simple 3 Step Monthly Procedure

If you are looking for a flexible, easy to use Windows payroll software, Actpay is the best choice.

With its intuitive design, 70% of users have been able to use Actpay without any training.

Stop relying on Payroll calculations in Excel. Fully automate your calculations and upgrade from Excel to Actpay. No manual calculations or look up tables needed. Just 3 simple steps. All the data, inputs and salary calculations can be viewed on a single screen for faster data input and easier monthly calculations. 

Finish your monthly payroll in minutes instead of hours with complete accuracy and confidence. Generate your salary payslip and monthly payroll reports on time every month. Also generate EA Forms and E Form automatically at the end of the year. 

Accurate payroll calculations

2. Accurate EPF, SOCSO, SIP, PCB and Overtime Calculations

Just one Click of a Button is needed to generate all the payroll calculations. All EPF, SOCSO, SIP, PCB and overtime calculations are fully automated. Just edit and Click.

Simply enter Allowances, Deductions and Overtime and Click “Calc Payslip”.

The payroll software will generate all the reports needed for Malaysian statutory requirements as well as the Payslip and internal Management reports.

No online data entry needed for government statutory payments. Actpay will generate text files that can be directly uploaded to the EPF, SOCSO and LHDN websites.

Actpay PCB calculations are tested and approved by LHDN.

Payslip and monthly payroll reports3. Salary Payslip, Management and Statutory Reports

Actpay generates a full range of reports for management and government statutory requirements.

All reports and data can be exported to Excel files for further customization.

The payroll software generates formatted files that can be directly uploaded to EPF, SOCSO and LHDN websites. Actpay will also generate files for direct debit through leading Malaysian banks.

At the end of the year generate the EA Form and E Form for all your staff at a click of a button. Fully automated reports will save you hours of work. 

Actpay includes multiple salary payslip designs to cater to the differing requirement of clients.

Government Statutory Calculations

All statutory calculations have been tested and verified for 5 years since the official launch of the software in 2015


Automatic calculation for above  and below 5,000. Allows custom EPF rate and generates text file for online submission to EPF Website. 


Built in table for SOCSO and EIS Calculation. Handle local and foreign employees. Generate csv file for online submission to PERKESO.


Generates the exact same values as LHDN online PCB calculator. Approved by LHDN and 100% accurate. Text file for online submission to LHDN

Overtime and Leave Calculations

Overtime calculations have been enhanced to make calculations easier and conform to the Employment Act

Overtime Calculations

Automatic hourly rate with option for custom hourly rate and auto variable rate based on allowance. Predefined  calculations for rest days and public holidays

Absent / Leave Deduction

Deduct no pay leave and absent by half day and full day. Automatic calculation based on days in the month. Option for hourly deduction.

Track Annual Leave 

Track annual, medical and no pay leave. Carry forward leave from previous year. Option to calculate balance leave prorated by month. 

Other Payroll Calculations

The Actpay payroll system is very flexible in handling allowances, deductions and other calculations

Allowances and Deductions

15 Allowances, 10 Deductions and 5 Benefit in Kind available. Each of these can be configured for EPF, SOCSO, SIP, PCB calculations and EA Form.

Bonus Calculation

Generate bonus PCB and EPF calculations. Option to pay bonus separately or together with monthly pay. Print separate bonus payslip.

Others Functions

Set recurring monthly allowances and deductions. Option for mid month advance. Special fields for Zakat, Loan and CP38.

Reporting Functions

The payroll software has a wide range of reports and all data can be exported to Excel for analysis and customization


Five payslip printing options in including dot matrix printer. Payslips can be exported as individual pdf files. Option to email payslip direct to staff using pop or imap email server. 

Monthly Reports

Summary and detailed payroll management reports. Detailed allowance and deduction reports. Export file for submission of salary payment through major banks.

Report Functions

All payroll reports can be exported to Excel. Generate files for online submission to government institutions and banks. All data can be exported to excel to create custom reports.

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Good software solution with room for growth, user friendly & easy to manage. Provided great response time and effort to solved our issue in time, I truly appreciate the efficient and gracious customer service.

Dekerinchi Dk

Thank you ActPay for the excellent customer support and payroll software. Thank you for making it affordable, reliable and easily adaptable. Thank you for listening to the customer demands and implementing our suggestions promptly. There is no such support and software in this world. Excellent easy to use software!! keep up the blessings to us!

Morgan Tsen

User since 2015, is an offline program and works with just USB, perfect for in-house accountant who struggle with worklife balance. Seen so much improvement and what more; support is great.

Alvin Goh

Actpay has been a hassle free software year on year. It’s easy to learn and also easy to troubleshoot if problem arises. I used another well-known payroll system previously and Actpay has solved nearly all the problems we had. Will be renewing again this year.

Joshua Yee

Been using this software since 2017. Really good software and user friendly. The customer services also good. Totally recommended for HR and company managers.

Faidzil Fitrie

Captures all the pertinent employee data to easily prepare monthly payroll and various mandatory contributions. It will also generate compliant LHDN, EPF, and SOCSO reports. It also has facility for salary payment through online banking. Support is excellent. They will work with you relentlessly until your issue is resolved.Highly recommended!

Hidayah Abdul Rahim

Actpay payroll clients

The Trial download is the Full Version of the commercial Actpay payroll Software.

  1. Trial period of 40+days
  2. Limited to 30 staff
  3. 2 Companies
  4. Sample Data
  5. Full reports.