Easy 3 step Monthly Payroll Calculation procedure

The monthly payroll procedure can be completed in minutes with just 3 simple steps.

Finish your payroll fast and easy without any complex procedures. No need to move from screen to screen. Complete all your calculations in one screen. As simple as 123.

Following is a summary of the monthly payroll procedure.

  1. Monthly payroll procedureInitialize Month Values
    This is done at the beginning of each month. This procedure will update the current month values with basic pay and any recurring allowances and deductions. This all that is needed to begin calculations.
  2. Edit and make changes to overtime and allowances.
    Now go to the individual staff and Click “Edit” to make the necessary changes. This is to input values that change each month like overtime and commission. If there are no changes, you do not have to add any information. The initialize is enough. If there are fixed monthly allowances for the staff, this information will be automatically updated in the Initialize month procedure.
  3. Calculate current month.
    payroll calculationsOnce the necessary values have been input, Click “Calc Full Month”. This will automatically calculate Overtime, EPF, SOCSO and PCB. Just one single Click for the complete payroll calculations.
    Once all the staff have been checked and editied, Click “Update Full Month” in the report screen. Run this once to make sure all the staff salary have been calculated just in case you left out any staff. The salary calculations are now complete. You can now run Update YTD to lock and update YTD information for the month.

Detailed documentation and information how to use the software can be found in our knowledge base using the Help/Docs menu link.

For more information on the initial setup and run procudures, watch the videos at this link : https://actpayroll.com/kb/category/videos/

Watch the following video to see an example of a monthly payroll run. This example simulates the typical monthly payroll procedure with 20 sample staff.