Comparison of new EA Form 2019/2018 to 2016/2017 and 2019 Download Links


There are no changes to EA Form for 2019/2018.

The latest version of the EA form is : (C.P.8A – Pin. 2017)

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LHDN announced changes to the EA Form 2016 and C.P.8D Forms in early 2017. There have been many changes made to both the EA Form 2016 and C.P.8D forms.

In the EA form 2016, many fields that were not used regularly have been removed. Most of these fields are related to detailed Benefit in Kind information, making the Form more streamlined. At the same time several new fields have also been added. Some of the these fields are new to the system and the other new fields required more detailed information from the existing calculations.

One other major change for year 2016 onwards is for the CP8D form. The new directive requires all employees to be included in the CP8D file.

Condition for 2016 and later :

An employer is required to complete this statement on all employees for the year 2016.

Condition for year 2015 and earlier :

An employer is required to fill in this section if there is any employee whose annual gross remuneration is RM34,000 and above OR for any employee whose annual gross remuneration is less than RM34,000 but the monthly gross remuneration is RM2,800 and above (inclusive of bonus but excluding remuneration in arrears in respect of preceding years) for whichever month in the year 2015.

EA Form Download links found below 

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Although there is a new EA Form for year 2016, LHDN has announced that the the old versions of FORM EA, FORM EC AND C.P. 8D can still be used for submitting 2016 income.

From LHDN Announcement :

The old version of the forms / format allowed to be used for the Year of Remuneration 2016 only is as follows:-

  1. i) Form EA (C.P. 8A – Pin. 2010)
  2. ii) Form EC (C.P. 8C – Pin. 2010)
  3. iii) C.P. 8D – Pin. 2015 Format

The C.P. 8D – Pin. 2015 format can be sent via any of the following methods:

  1. a) e-Filing (txt file format); atau
  2. b) Compact disc (CD) [txt file format or Microsoft Excel]

However, employers are required to use the Malay Language version of Form E (CP8-Pin. 2016) for the purpose of submission to LHDNM for the Year of Remuneration 2016.

Forms Download links :

Note : 2017 is the latest version available for download at LHDN website.

Malay Version 

  1. Form EA (C.P. 8A – Pin. 2017)
    1. Excel File
    2. PDF File
  2. C.P.8D(C.P.8D-Pin.2017) Format
    1. Excel File
    2. PDF File

English Version 

  1. Form EA (C.P. 8A – Pin. 2017)
    1. PDF File
  1. C.P.8D(C.P.8D-Pin.2017) Format
    1. PDF File

C.P. 8D Information Layout and Guide on Submission via compact disc (CD) in the following format: txt File, or Microsoft Excel


  1. E 2019 Form
  2. C.P.8D Information Layout
  3. E 2019 Explanatory Notes and EA & EC Guide Notes

Malay Version

  1. Syarat-Syarat Cetakan Borang
  2. Layout Maklumat C.P.8D
  3. Nota Penerangan E 2019 dan Nota Panduan EA & EC


This is to inform that with effect from the Year of Remuneration 2016, it is obligatory for employers which are companies and Labuan companies (Companies) to furnish Form E (Return Form of Employer) to Lembaga Hasil Dalam Negeri Malaysia (LHDNM) on an electronic medium or by way of electronic transmission.

Generate Annual EA Form and E Form with one Click

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