EA Form 2020/2019, C.P.8A and C.P.8D/E Form Summary and Download Links

EA form 2020 is : (C.P.8A - Pin. 2017)

There are no changes to EA Form 2020/2019/2018.

The latest version of the EA form 2020 is : (C.P.8A – Pin. 2017)

EA Forms Download links :

Note : 2017 is the latest version available for download at LHDN website. Most of the Income Tax related forms are available at this website but are quite difficult to find. We have located the specific links to make it easier to find the necessary forms and documentation.

EA Form Download Website

EA Form and C.P.8D forms are available in both English and Malay versions, but the Excel versions are only available in English.

In accordance with subsection 83(1A) of the Income Tax Act 1967 (ITA 1967), the Form C.P.8A
must be prepared and rendered to the employees on or before 28 Februari to enable them to
complete and submit their respective Return Form within the stipulated period.

Malay Version – Form EA (C.P. 8A – Pin. 2017)  – Please  note  that  Pin  2017  is  the  latest  version.

  1. Excel File
  2. PDF File
  3. Nota untuk Bahagian F Borang EA
  4. Nota Penerangan E 2020 dan Nota Panduan EA & EC

Nota untuk Bahagian F Borang EA: Senarai elaun / perkuisit / pemberian / manfaat dikecualikan cukai yang perlu dilaporkan.

Ini termasuk :

  1. Kad petrol, elaun petrol, elaun perjalanan atau pembayaran tol atau mana-mana gabungannya untuk tugas rasmi.
  2. Elaun penjagaan anak bagi kanak-kanak berumur sehingga 12 tahun.
  3. Anugerah pencapaian lalu; anugerah kecemerlangan perkhidmatan
  4. dan barang lain yang dikecualikan cukai.

English Version – Form EA (C.P. 8A – Pin. 2017)

  1. PDF File
  2. Notes for Part F of Form EA
  3. E 2020 Explanatory Notes and EA & EC Guide Notes

Notes for Part F of Form EA: List of tax exempt allowances / perquisites / gifts / benefits which are required to declare. 

This includes :

  1. Petrol card, petrol allowance, travelling allowance or toll payment or any of its combination for official duties.
  2. Child care allowance in respect of children up to 12 years of age.
  3. Past achievement award; service excellence award
  4. and other tax exempt items.

Malay Version – C.P.8D(C.P.8D-Pin.2020) Format

  1. Excel File
  2. PDF File

English Version – C.P.8D(C.P.8D-Pin.2020) Format

  1. PDF File

C.P. 8D Information Layout and Guide on Submission via compact disc (CD) in the following format: txt File, or Microsoft Excel

  1. E Form 2020
  2. Employers with their own computerised system and many employees, are encouraged to prepare C.P.8D data in the form of txt as per format stated in Part A. – C.P.8D Information Layout
  3. GUIDE NOTES FOR COMPLETING FORMS C.P.8A (EA) AND C.P.8C (EC) – E Form 2020 Explanatory Notes and EA & EC Guide Notes

Malay Version

  1. Syarat-Syarat Cetakan Borang
  2. Majikan yang mempunyai sistem berkomputer sendiri dan bilangan pekerja yang ramai, adalah digalakkan untuk menyedia data C.P.8D dalam bentuk txt mengikut format seperti dinyatakan di Bahagian A. – Layout Maklumat C.P.8D
  3. NOTA PANDUAN UNTUK MENGISI BORANG C.P.8A (EA) DAN C.P.8C (EC) – Nota Penerangan E 2020 dan Nota Panduan EA & EC

See how EA Form is done in Actpay.

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