Changes and New Features in Actpay 2020

Although Actpay 2020 is generally the same as Actpay 2019, there have been major calculation changes for Overtime and Leave calculations. These changes have also been made to comply with the Employment Act requirements for payslips.

1. Changes to Hours / Days Deduct.

Added No Pay Leave and Absent for direct calculation. Removed Days Deduct.

No Pay Leave and Absent calculations are now based on Basic Pay/ 31 (days in month). This is to comply with the Employment Act.

But, due to requests from some clients, there is an option to set the calculations to Basic Pay / 26. Set “Absent / No Pay Rate” to Work Days to divide by Daily Rate Days value.

2. Calculate No. of Work days in the month. (Optional)

Set Days per week and Count Holidays for the software to calculate number of work days in the month. Enter the number of Public Holidays given in the month to include Holidays in the calculation.

This function has been created to provide payslips to provide the full data required in the Payslip based on the Employment Act.

3. Hourly Rate Rounding Option

Hourly Rate is shown in the calculations. Default is based on 3 decimal points. Option is available to calculate based on 2 decimal points by setting the “OT Rate Rounding” in Setup.

4. Allowances added to OT Rate

Certain allowances have to be added to Basic pay to calculate OT rate. This includes service points, commissions, housing allowance etc.
When included, the OT rate = (Basic Pay + Allowance) / 26

In this case, the OT rate can vary every month.

5. Full Payslip to comply with Employment Act

The above enhancements are mainly to allow the software to produce the Full Payslip shown below. Several clients have been requested by the Labour Office to provide payslips that include the following information. The main biggest difference is to requirement to show the detailed OT rate for each calculation.

6. PCB Deductible allowances.

Allowances that can be deduct from PCB calculations

  1. Travelling allowance, petrol card, petrol allowance or toll rate or any of its combination for official duties. (RM6,000)
  2. Child care allowance in respect of children up to 12 years of age. (RM2,400)
  3. Past achievement, service excellence, innovation, productivity, long service award. (RM2,000)

7. TP3 Form Entry for new staff.

TP3 Form information can now be directly input. TP3 Form is needed when new staff join the company in the middle of the year. This data will include information about their previous employment that will be used for PCB calculations.

8. Default Payslip Selection

To make it easier to handle customer requests for payslips, we have provided a function to choose your default payslips.

  • Primary payslip = Basic Payslip
  • Full Payslip = Full Payslip
  • Alternate Payslip = Alternate Payslip

You can choose the Default payslip used in Monthly, Browse and PDF by choosing the “Radio Button”. Current setting is for Full Payslip. Choose and click “Save”

This change allows us to easily provide Payslip changes requested by customers. The files can be copied to \reports directory. The payslips can then be chosen using the payslip number.

9. Statutory Calculation Details

Made improvements to calculation details screen to show basis of calculations for the payslip. This screen allows you to see what values were used for each of the statutory calculations.


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