Actpay now includes free Setup and Installation

To further enhance our product offering we are introducing 3 new products and enhanced support features.

More than 80% of our clients use Actpay for single companies. In line with this we are introducing 3 products with reduced cost to cater for these clients.

  • Actpay Lite – Limited to 10 staff @ RM250
  • Actpay Basic – Limited to 50 staff @RM500
  • Actpay Pro – Limited to 250 staff @RM750

All these new versions are limited to use for a single company. All other features remain the same.

In line with improving the user experience, Actpay will now come with free Setup and Installation.

This service includes :

  1. Installation
    1. Upload Setup File
    2. Install Software
    3. Activate Actpay
  2. Actpay Operations
    1. Add Employee
    2. Show how to Import Employee Data
    3. Add Allowance
  3. Monthly Procedures
    1. Initialize Data
    2. Edit and Calculate Data
    3. Update YTD
  4. Reports
    1. Monthly management Reports
    2. Generate text file for upload to Statutory bodies
    3. Export reports to Excel
  5. Advanced Features
    1. Create Allowances
    2. Add recurring allowances
    3. Suspend Calc for manual override
  6. Documentation and Support
    1. Help and documentation Website
    2. Documentation Sections
    3. Search for Help