Complete your payroll on time every month

Save Time and Money with Actpay

If you are looking for a flexible, easy to use offline payroll software for a small business, Actpay is the best choice for you. Less time spent, means more savings. 

With its intuitive design, 70% of users have been able to use Actpay without any training.


7 Unique Features found in Actpay.

1.Install and Run anywhere

Run setup and install only once using a simple automated processes. Just one minute. No re-registration or activation required in case of hard disk crash or virus attack. Just copy the backup folder and run anywhere, even on thumb drive.

Full Actpay database, database drivers and all files take up less than 40MB. No special installation or database drivers needed. Runs on a secure SQL payroll software database. 

2.Very Affordable – Low as RM1 a day. 

Low initial payroll software prices starting at RM350 with an even lower annual update cost of RM100.

For 10 staff it cost less than RM1 a day. For 30 staff it is only RM1 a day calculated over 2 years. The per month cost per staff is only RM1 a month over 2 years for 30 employees compared to RM3 or more for online payroll system.

Actpay’s price is very affordable compared to other software like sql payroll and sage payroll. Desktop payroll software is also very economical compared to cloud payroll like kakitangan and payrollpanda that have monthly subscriptions.

3.Flexible Payroll Calculations

Actpay has complete flexibility in printing and re-calculating staff pay for any month as and when required. No need to restore old data. Just choose month and run.

Create custom Allowances, Deductions and Benefit in Kind. Customize EPF, SOCSO, EIS, HRDF and PCB calculations for allowances and deductions. 

4.Easy to Use, Simple Interface
 Simple 3 step monthly process. All payroll information can be viewed on a single screen for fast monthly data entry and calculation. Simple one click functionality. 
5.Accurate, Error free calculations.
 Actpay has been tested by hundreds of users since it initial release in 2-14. The calculations have been error free since 2017 with very accurate PCB calculations. 
6.Fast/Free Online Support

Online Chat is available everyday for fast support. Cut and paste screenshot to the chat for fast problem resolution.

Even the most difficult software issues are resolved within 24 hours. Most within minutes.

7.Excel and Data Export
 All data and reports can be exported to Excel format for further processing. No hidden data. All data can be exported and processed for any custom requirements.

Many features unique to Actpay are not found in other payroll software programs