Payroll Default Values Screen

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The following values need not be changed. Change only if necessary.

  1. The Year already set by default.
  2. Company Information cannot be edited.
  3. Enter overtime Rate calculator values. All overtime calculations will be based on these values. Default value based on Labour Laws are 26 and 8. Modify if necessary.
  4. PCB Calculation Mode :
    1. Default is Computerised.
    2. Manual mode will simulate PCB Schedule provided by LHDN.
    3. Similar to manual, but does not us PCB Schedule
      It is recommended that the default be used. This will lead to lower PCB payments.

Fields that are required for some reports, especially EA Form. Please fill them in as required.

  1. Company Income Tax File No.
  2. Company Income Tax Branch No.
  3. Company EPF File No.
  4. Company SOCSO File No.