How to do a Screenshot and crop in Microsoft Word

Procedure to send Screenshot using Microsoft Word. This can also be done using most graphics editing software, but this tutorial is to show how to do it in Microsoft Word which most users are familiar with.

1. Screen Examplep1

2. Click the Prt Scr Button. This copy the desktop screen to the clipboard.


3. Open Microsoft Word and Right click for Paste Option. You can bypass this step by just typing “Ctrl-V”.


4. Click on Paste. The screen will now appear as follows.


5. Double Click on the image and the following menu will appear. Go to “Crop Picture”


6. Click on Crop Picture and the Cropping Handles will appear on the corner.


7. Move the cropping handles to highlight only the needed image. 


8. Click Crop Picture again and your screen will be as follows. Save as pdf and send to email.



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